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GA4 Replaces Google Universal Analytics – The Sunset Challenge

Google Analytics is Dead. Long Live Google Analytics (GA4)!

The world has used and loved Google Universal Analytics for many a year. A generation of businesses have relied on it to analyse their website traffic and guide their business planning. But times have moved on, it was fun while it lasted, all good things must end, and assorted other philosophical phrases which amount to: “RIP Google Universal Analytics”. Because the sunset date for the free version of Universal Analytics was Saturday 1 July 2023 and we now live firmly in the era of GA4.

Universal Analytics’ demise was announced by Google in March 2022. If for some reason you were unable to migrate to GA4 during the interval, Google gives guidance on what to do now.

But undoubtedly almost everyone was prepared, with a sparkly new GA4 property already in place, and approached Universal Analytics’ sunset date with a smile of calm assurance. In a very Y2K fashion, 1 July arrived and the world has not come to an end, the lights have not gone out, and we have all lived to see another day.

Universal Analytics And The Sunset Song

Around the first of the month I found myself haunted by a tune. Or rather, a small section of melody which went round and round in the back of my brain. It rose as far as a hum during moments of low concentration then receded again but it was always lurking. After a while, I realised that the song was “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” by Sir Elton John.

That song is not one of my favourites, nor had I heard it recently. So, it wasn’t a great leap of logic to recognise that my earworm linked directly back to Universal Analytics’ sunset date. From there, I started to wonder how many songs I could call to mind on the subject of sunsets.

My personal list is below. And your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to list as many sunset-themed songs as you can in commemoration of Google Universal Analytics. They don’t have to include the actual word sunset, just the concept. Alternatively, let us know in the comments what songs come to mind for you as Universal Analytics is superseded by GA4.

The Sunset Song List

Starting – of course – with my earworm, here’s my list:

  1. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – This rather gloomy 1974 offering from Sir Elton was rescued from its original number sixteen chart mediocrity to reach number one when it was re-recorded as a duet with George Michael in 1991.
  1. I Won’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – Sounding a little more determined and upbeat, Mr Snood himself, Nik Kershaw expressed his cynicism about Cold War politicians in 1984. I picture the pinball man with his finger on the (nuclear) button as Ronald Reagan. Perhaps exactly what Nik intended?
  1. Hotel California – For me, the pinnacle of The Eagles’ repertoire of chart-toppers, this song doesn’t mention sunset directly. In fact, the desert highway is described as “dark”. But in my mind’s eye, the lone car is backed by the dimming remains of a red sunset as it drives towards the distant, shimmering lights of the hotel, so I’m including it.
  1. Evening Sun Yodel – A curve-ball entry, this one. I came across this vintage Jimmie Rodgers song in the award-winning 2009 film Evening Sun. Both movie and song are memorable, the song for its wonderful blue-grass yodelling. Although the evening sun section is the final verse and not the main theme of the song, it now comes to mind every time I see a sunset.

What Are Your “Goodbye Universal Analytics” Songs?

If the death of Universal Analytics brings one or more songs to your mind, why not share them in the comments? We’d love to hear your list, and the reasons for choosing them.

This post was just for fun. But if you enjoyed it, or want to read about more serious topics, why not take a look at our other posts?

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